Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We want you to understand how we safeguard your data, and how we use various permissions that you grant the app. The following sections explain the circumstances under which we collect data, and what we do with it.

User Account

To share your location with friends, you must have an account. When needed, the app will ask you to create the account or sign into it. You may delete your account at any time. When you delete your account no information about you is retained.


When you allow the app to access your location, it uses GPS to determine your precise location:

• When you display your location on the trail map, or track your location during runs.

• When you choose to share your location with friends via Glympse. If you choose to share your location, your name, your image (if any) and your location are provided to Glympse. That information is protected under the terms of the Glympse Privacy Policy. No information about your shared location is available to the resort or to Resorts Tapped.

To enable you to receive special messages when you are at the resort, the app will request permission to access your location all the time, so that it knows when you are at the resort or outside it. If you grant this permission, the app uses your location only to indicate that you are at the resort or not. It does not use or keep information about your precise location.


The app will request access to your contacts if you need to find a phone number or email address when you use Glympse to share your location with a friend, or request a friend to share her location with you. The app accesses your contacts only when you explicitly permit it to.

Photo Library

The app seeks permission to access your photo library when you ask it to save an image of your tracks on the trailmap.


To help us improve the app, it is equipped to use Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about the features you use. This capability is enabled by default. When it is enabled, the use of your data by Google is covered by Google's Privacy Policy. If you prefer not to provide information about how you use the app, you can disable this through the app's Settings.

Data Retention

No information about your use of the app is captured or retained by the resort or by Resorts Tapped.